Interesting Arizona Fun Facts


Arizona has so much to share...
From the desert climate with cactus, hot summers and mild winters in the Southern portions of the state, to the high country in the North with pine forests and mountain ranges with cooler weather and snow, you'll be amazed at Arizona's diversity.


Arizona flagOn Valentine's Day 1912 Arizona became a state. The word Arizona means "little spring" in the Papago language. The state is located in the southwestern region of the United States, and is filled with a rich history of artifacts from past inhabitants. Many of the ruins and artifacts can be toured with Southwest Custom Tours at the State and National Parks found in Arizona.

The state flag of Arizona "represents the copper star of Arizona rising from a blue field in the face of a setting sun." The 13 gold and red sun "rays" on Arizona's flag represent the sun setting over the western desert and the original 13 colonies.

Pioneers and native tribes. As the pioneers and seekers of a fortune in the areas rich miming explored further into the Arizona territory, the Apache Indian tribes began to revolt. Cochise and Geronimo were two of the most powerful leaders of these rebellious clans. Hiding in the hot desert canyons of Arizona they lead many successful raids against the encroaching white settlers.

Average Phoenix Weather:

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Average Grand Canyon Village Weather:

Average Grand Canyon South Rim weather

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Arizona temperatures can vary greatly in Spring and Autumn from day to day. These are averages. Please feel free to contact us for general information and assistance in planning your stay in Arizona and your tour.


Quick Arizona Facts

State Abbreviation - AZ

State Capital - Phoenix

Largest City - Phoenix

Area - 114,006 square miles [Arizona is the 6th biggest state in the USA)

Population - 6,482,505 (as of 2011) [Arizona is the 20th most populous state in the USA]

Name for Residents - Arizonans

Major Industries - mining (copper, molybdenum, gold, and silver), manufacturing, and tourism

Major Rivers - Colorado River, Little Colorado River, Gila River, Bill Williams River

Major Lakes - Lake Mead, Lake Havasu, Lake Mohave, Theodore Roosevelt Lake, San Carlos Lake, Lake Powell

Highest Point - Humphreys Peak - 12,633 feet (3,581 m) above sea level

Bordering States - California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah

Bordering Country - Mexico

Origin of the Name Arizona - The word Arizona comes from one of the following (its origin is not certain): the Aztec Indian word "arizuma," that means "silver-bearing," from the Tohono O'odham Indian word "Aleh-zone" which means "small spring," or the Pima Indian word "Ali shonak" which also means "small spring."

State Nickname - Grand Canyon State

State Motto - "Ditat Deus," God Enriches

Photo gallery

Arizona icons

cactus wren on cactus

State bird; Cactus Wren

Harris Hawk sitting in pine tree

Harris's Hawk in pine trees

Great Horned Owl sitting in mulberry tree

Great Horned Owl in Mulberry tree

Saguaro cactus bloom

State Flower; Saguaro Bloom

Deer at Grand Canyon

Deer at the Grand Canyon

Raven at Bryce Canyon National Park

Raven at Bryce Canyon National Park


Javelina in Sedona

London Bridge in Arizona

London Bridge

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